• Custom Features For Your New Swimming Pool

    If you didn't have any viable ways to cool down while outside last summer and you own a modest-sized parcel of land that will supply plenty of space for an inground pool, invest in a custom water feature. Choose a unique layout or aesthetics that will make your daytime or nighttime pool sessions accommodating for you and those who join you. A Tanning Ledge If you have previously used public or private pools that lacked a lot of deck space or that contained a lot of furnishings that made it impossible for you to lay in a supine position, a tanning ledge is a feature you may enjoy.
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  • Tips For Choosing Where To Place Your Hot Tub

    When you're buying a hot tub, it's important to give some thought to where you want it set up in your yard. In some smaller yards, there may be just one sensible location for the hot tub. If your yard is larger, however, you may be thinking about setting up the hot tub in a handful of locations. You shouldn't hesitate to talk about your dilemma with a sales rep from the hot tub company, as he or she can provide some valuable feedback on where you'll enjoy your hot tub the most.
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  • How To Revive A Pool After A Lack Of Maintenance

    If your pool has had a lack of maintenance, it is most likely a green or black mess that is completely unsafe for swimming or wading in. Maybe it was a lack of maintenance on your own part, or a lack of maintenance from the previous owners, but whatever the reason, you need to get it crystal clear, or you risk losing your pool altogether. A lack of maintenance in your pool can cause the algae to eat through the pool liner eventually.
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