Hot Tubs And Maintaining Them Without Major Energy Expenses

Posted on: 6 April 2021

When you plan to install a hot tub, you need to know a lot of things about maintenance. Maintaining your hot tub can also be an extra energy expense if you don't know what needs to be done. Therefore, you want to choose the right model and do the maintenance properly to keep your energy costs down. The following hot tub maintenance information will help prevent your new hot tub from becoming a major energy expense:

Options for Eco Model Spas That Are More Efficient

Today, the technology of spas has improved, and there are options for eco models. Some of the eco model spa features that will help you save energy include:

  • Timers to maximize efficiency
  • Extra insulation for the spa shell and equipment
  • Hardshell insulated cover to prevent heat loss

The eco spas may cost a little more for the same model hot tub, but they can cost a lot less to operate. The energy savings often covers that cost difference of an economy model hot tub.

Choosing the Best Systems for Filtering and Heating Water

The spa you have installed can have an electric or gas heating system installed. The electric heating system is safe and easy to set up but can be costly to operate. With gas heaters for spas, your energy costs will be minimal, but they need to be professionally installed and maintained. Gas is also a great option if you live in an area with higher electricity rates.

Getting a Good Start With Maintenance After Spa Installation

The best way to reduce energy and maintenance costs is to start right after installation. This means that you will want to start by filling your spa with warm water and add the bromine treatment as soon as you begin using your hot tub. Things that can be done to get a good start with hot tub maintenance include:

  • Fill up with warm water (start with cold and then use hotter water)
  • Add a bromine shock treatment
  • Test the water and add a floating bromine tablet dispenser
  • Add a mineral descaling treatment if you have hard water

The proper installation of a hot tub should include filling up the spa and balancing the chemicals in the water before using it.

Proper Care to Keep Water Clean and Reduce Spa Energy Costs

The care of your spa is important, and maintaining the water can prevent problems and reduce costs. This is the spa maintenance that needs to be done the weeks and months after the installation. The proper care of your spa should include:

  • Properly balance water with bromine solution
  • Change filters regularly to ensure water lasts
  • Clean and scrub the spa when changing the water (refill with warm water)

The hot tub can have problems when it is not maintained correctly. If you are having trouble with your spa, you may want to call a local spa service for help with repairs and maintenance.