How To Revive A Pool After A Lack Of Maintenance

Posted on: 30 March 2020

If your pool has had a lack of maintenance, it is most likely a green or black mess that is completely unsafe for swimming or wading in. Maybe it was a lack of maintenance on your own part, or a lack of maintenance from the previous owners, but whatever the reason, you need to get it crystal clear, or you risk losing your pool altogether. A lack of maintenance in your pool can cause the algae to eat through the pool liner eventually. To revive your pool, there are a few things you need to do. Read on for helpful tips.

1. Add Chemicals

To help eat through some of the algae that has already started growing in your pool, add chlorine and pool shock to shock the water and kill any bacteria living in your pool. Allow the chemicals to sit in your pool overnight and run the filter as well to get it circulated through the water. The following morning, the water will still be murky, but most of the algae may sink to the bottom.

2. Vacuum To Waste

With the algae and other debris sitting on the bottom of the pool, you need to vacuum your pool. To help get the algae out of your pool, you should vacuum your pool with the filter set to waste. The waste setting will still allow you to vacuum your pool, but instead of the water being filtered through your filter, and then going back into your pool, it shoots out of the side of the filter and into your yard instead. With the chemicals you added the night before though, this can kill your grass, so be careful where you drain the water. Vacuum your pool thoroughly and keep an eye on the water level. You may need to add water to the pool as you vacuum it. Be sure you vacuum slowly so you suck up all of the algae.

3. Add More Chemicals

At this point, you're going to need to add more chemicals to your pool. You'll need more chlorine, stabilizer, and shock, and you may also need to add pH balance or even algaecide to your water. If you aren't sure what to add, take a sample of your water to a pool supply store and they can give you this information.

4. Run Your Filter Continuously

Run your filter constantly to allow the chemicals to run through your filter and to be distributed through your pool. Keep an eye on the color of your water in addition to the chemical content in your pool by using a water testing kit. You will also need to vacuum your pool regularly to prevent algae growth again in your pool. Empty the skimmer basket each day as well to remove the dead bugs or leaves caught in this basket.

If your pool has been neglected, there's a good chance you can revive it. Use the information above to help you clean up your swimming pool. If you need help with maintenance on your pool, hire a swimming pool maintenance company to keep your pool maintained.