Three Advantages Of Choosing Tile For Your Pool

Posted on: 10 September 2018

The interior of your pool can be constructed out of a variety of different materials, each of which is designed to provide a waterproof barrier to contain your pool water and be durable enough to withstand weather conditions over the course of the year. Tile is one of the best pool materials that you can choose due to its unique material qualities. Understanding what some of the benefits associated with pool tiles are can help you figure out if tiles are the right choice for your pool's needs.


One of the largest advantages of choosing tile over another type of material, like concrete or vinyl, is the fact that tiles can vary in their size, shape, and color, allowing you to create custom facades and patterns within the interior of your pool that are truly distinct from any other pool. This also allows you to easily match the interior of your pool to the surrounding patio or landscaping design that you may already have set up.

Ease of Repairs

Another key advantage of choosing tiles for the interior of your pool is their ease of replacement. In the event that a single tile breaks or chips, the tile itself can be replaced (or in extreme cases, the section can be retiled), whereas ripped vinyl will likely need to be replaced, and concrete is notoriously hard to patch. If you save a few extra tiles from the initial installation, you can also make sure that even in the event of a broken tile, your pool's appearance and pattern is not disrupted. It should also be noted that ceramic tile's non-porous nature means that pool tiles are unlikely to absorb moisture, greatly reducing the risk of cracks developing in the first place.


Pool tiles also have a smooth surface, which makes them very easy to clean. The fact that they do not have a rough texture prevents dirt and other debris from holding on very well to tiles: stains and debris can usually be removed simply by wiping down the affected area with a clean rag a few times. This allows you to maintain your pool's cleanliness and appearance fairly simply. Fortunately, ceramic tiles are also durable enough to be able to be pressure washed in the event that your pool becomes so dirty that it has to be drained and thoroughly washed down, helping to speed up the process.

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