Tasks To Complete Before Closing Your Pool For Winter

Posted on: 10 November 2017

You have taken care of your pool all season long, and just because the pool season is coming to an end doesn't mean you can get lax with your pool maintenance tasks. In order to get your pool winterized, you still have a few things you need to do to your pool. These winterizing tasks are very important to ensure your pool will still be in great shape when you re-open the pool the following spring. See below for some of these winterizing tasks you should complete.

Get It Clean

Your pool water should be clean and clear before closing your pool. If you have green water, or algae growing all over your pool floor and walls, the problem will only worsen if you close it that way. Get the water and pool clean by using the proper chemicals and vacuuming the pool. If need be, vacuum the pool on backwash to get rid of that dirty algae water. Take a pool water sample to your local pool supply store so you know what chemicals to add to your pool.

Lower Water Levels

Lower the water levels in your pool so it's below the skimmer opening. Use a submersible pump to remove the water. If you have a skimmer cover and return cover, you don't have to take any water out of your pool at all. After removing water or covering the openings, take off the pump and filter hoses and drain the pump and filter. You can leave these outside during winter if need be, but cover them with a tarp. If you have space in your garage or shed store these items to keep them safe.

Add Chemicals

Although the water is clear, to keep it clear all winter long you should add chemicals to your pool. Ask your local pool supply store what chemicals need to be added, as they may have a pool closing chemical kit you can purchase. Add the right amount of chemicals to the pool just before adding the pool cover.

Cover It

Cover the pool with a winter cover, which can be purchased at the pool supply store. Be sure to purchase one that is large enough to cover your pool and leave you enough over-hang for the sides of the pool as well. During winter this cover may accumulate with water, leaves and other debris. Be sure to keep it clear by using the submersible pump to remove the water and use a net to remove the leaves, which can get heavy on the cover.

Your pool provides a lot of fun all summer long. Winterize the pool the right way to ensure you will get to enjoy this fun season after season. Contact a professional pool winterizing company to have this work done for you, as it can be a big job.