A New Pool For Your New Family: Installing A Safe Pool When You Have Young Children

Posted on: 19 June 2017

If you have young children and are thinking of installing a pool in your backyard, water safety should be your foremost concern. Unfortunately, backyard pools are a common source of injuries and fatalities in children, especially in children under the age of five. Always supervise your children when they are using the pool and make sure you are giving them your full attention so that they remain safe. The other important part of child-proofing your pool is to make sure that it is inaccessible when you are unavailable to supervise your children. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to prevent your children from accidentally falling in to the pool when you are not around, such as the use of automated pool covers. Make sure that you discuss any safety concerns you may have with an experienced swimming pool contractor.

Build The Pool In An Easily-Secured Location

Your first line of defense for preventing drowning is to ensure that your children cannot access the pool when you are not there. All doors leading to your backyard need to have child-safe locks to prevent your children from going for a swim unsupervised. Don't neglect to install child-safe locks on the gates of your backyard fence as well, so that your children cannot leave from the front door and gain access to your backyard that way. Some homeowners opt to install a privacy fence around the pool; if this fits into your desired pool design, a privacy fence with a locking gate is a very safe option. When you're working with your pool contractor, you will want to provide them with a rough sketch of your backyard area that includes measurements so that you can determine where the best location for the pool will be. During this process, discuss where the safest location for the pool would be and see if there is an area in your backyard where you can comfortably install the pool along with a fence.

Install An Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic pool covers are covers that are attached to a motorized track surrounding the rim of the pool. They have a sleek design that does not detract from the beauty of the pool. They're usually installed to prevent debris from falling into the pool and to prevent water loss due to evaporation. This keeps your pool looking new and saves you money on your water and energy bills due to the lowered pumping and filtering requirements. However, they're also an amazing safety feature and are much more effective than simply fencing off the pool. When a pool is covered by an automatic pool cover, there is simply no way to fall into the pool. They are safer than manual pool covers because they are easily operated with a single button press, whereas manual covers are bulky and take a lot of time to place over the pool, making you less likely to cover the pool every time it is not in use. In addition, pools that are improperly covered with manual covers are more dangerous than uncovered pools. If the cover is not securely attached and your child falls into the pool, the cover may wrap around them and trap them underwater, which is an incredibly dangerous situation.

Determine The Right Pool Depth

While it's very common for city pools and hotel pools to have a shallow end and a deep end, this feature is less common in home pools. If you want your children to have a shallow end, make sure that your contractor knows this and can plan accordingly. Install a safety rope, which is a rope with buoys attached to it so that it floats in the water, as a demarcation between the shallow area and the deep area. When you're supervising your children, this allows you to easily see if they have accidentally crossed over into the deep section of the pool.