Swimming: 4 Health Benefits Of A Fun Summer-Time Activity

Posted on: 22 March 2017

If you think your pool is great for leisure time activities, you're right. If you haven't thought about all the health benefits that your swimming pool provides you with, you should. Not only is swimming a fun way to stay cool in the summer, but it's also a fun and effective way to stay healthy. Here are just four of the ways that your swimming pool benefits your health.

It's Great Exercise

If your busy lifestyle prevents you from joining a gym, just jump in your pool this summer. Swimming a few laps, or even taking a leisurely walk around the shallow end, will provide you with the benefits of a gym, without the time crunch. You don't need a lot of time, either. All you need is about 30 minutes first thing in the morning and 30 minutes before you go to bed at night. You'll get the exercise you need, plus the leisure time enjoyment all at the same time.

It Reduces Joint Pain

If you've got arthritis, or suffer from other types of joint pain, exercise can be a real pain. That's where swimming comes in. Swimming, and water aerobics, allows you to exercise without placing too much pressure on your sore joints. Not only that, but the water helps reduce inflammation and increase flexibility in your joints.

It Targets All Your Muscles

When you work-out, there are always muscle groups that you miss. However, when you swim, you're able to target all your muscles at once. During a swimming stroke, your stomach muscles tense up, while your arms and legs propel you through the water. Your neck muscles work to keep your head above water, while your back works to keep you in the right posture for an effective stroke. That means when you're swimming, you're working out your entire body.

It Relieves Stress

Whether you deal with stress on a daily basis, or it just hits you occasionally, swimming is a great way to relax. Swimming allows your brain to produce serotonin, a mood-enhancing hormone, which will ease the anxiety you're experiencing. Not only that, but the rhythmic breathing you use while you're swimming helps calm you down, allowing you to relax. For maximum benefit, try floating for a few minutes each time you hit the pool. The gentle movement within the water will relax your muscles and allow you to de-stress.

There's nothing better than a swimming pool to keep you cool in the summer while you get your exercise and swim away the stress.