6 Sensational Ways To Make Your Pool Stand Out

Posted on: 1 February 2017

A backyard pool is the perfect setting for warm weather recreation and entertaining family and friends. Do you want your pool to be the coolest spot in the neighborhood? Check out these 6 ways to make your backyard pool something special. 

Subdued Salt Water

Are you tired of your chlorinated swimming pool? Consider making the transition to saltwater. There are lots of reasons to love a saltwater pool. Many swimmers feel that the water is softer and offers a more relaxing swimming environment. 

A saltwater pool also has less of a chemical smell than its chlorinated counterpart, and it is not as harsh on your skin. Saltwater swimming can be soothing for people with eczema and other skin disorders. Eczema expert AD Rescuewear reports that saltwater can moisturize skin and reduce the possibility of developing an infection. It is also much less irritating to the eyes. 

Luxurious Landscaping

A pool can only be as stunning as what surrounds it. When creating your backyard paradise, consider the landscaping that will be on display around your pool. Whether you want a rocky and coastal environment, a tropical jungle, or even a natural-looking mountain swimming hole, you can use plants and rocks to recreate almost any setting. 

You can landscape the area leading up to your pool and add a zero entry feature to make your pool look like it occurred naturally in your backyard, or you could even use sand to construct your own beach. 

Wonderful Water Features

A pool is all about water, so it makes sense to take advantage of that feature to bring more personality and style to your pool at home. 

If your pool serves mainly as a recreational area for kids and families, consider adding a fun fountain that sprays intermittently. If you'd like to create a more romantic setting, think about adding a waterfall that flows gently down rocks on the side of the pool deck and into the pool. Fountains with lights also make your pool beautiful at night for parties, family events, and cozy evenings. 

Poolside Patio

A family pool is all about outdoor living. Add a patio to your pool deck and create a living space where you'll want to be any time the weather is warm. Or you could put up an outdoor dining area for poolside meals, and even add a grill or outdoor oven. If you love to entertain, consider building yourself a bar. 

Terrific Tile

You don't have to settle for boring when it comes to the outside of your pool. Tile is beautiful lining a pool. It brings color and personality to your poolside experience. Choose tiles in your favorite color or geographical style to suggest an exotic location. 

Fantastic Fun

There are many additions you can make to your pool that will thrill your children. Make your backyard into a water playground by adding features like a diving board, a water slide or island. 

Pool side play equipment can be as simple or as complicated as you want. Install a small slide next to your pool, or create an incredible feature with a water slide that follows the twists and turns of a rock wall or other landscaping feature. 

You can also build a spray park on your pool deck by installing sprayers that go on and off in an unpredictable pattern. With these additions, your pool will be the place all the neighborhood kids will want to play so you can keep an eye on your kids while they play with their friends. 

A backyard pool offers plenty of fun for the whole family. You can make your own pool extraordinary by personalizing it with one of these fantastic features.