6 Tips For Using Your Hot Tub In Winter

Posted on: 4 February 2016

Winter can be the best time of year to enjoy your hot tub. There is nothing quite like soaking in the steamy, relaxing water while looking out at a snowy landscape on a cold day. Despite how pleasant a hot tub in winter can be, some people choose to close down their hot tub in the winter because they think cold weather hot tub maintenance is too much work. In fact, it's pretty simple to keep your hot tub up and running year-round, if you just follow these tips for using your hot tub in the winter:

Use a Fitted Hot Tub Cover

A properly fitting hot tub cover in good shape is important at any time of year, but especially during the winter. If your hot tub cover fits snugly and doesn't have any holes or cracks, it will keep heat inside much better and prevent excessive evaporation.

This means you won't have to use as much energy to keep your hot tub comfortable, and you won't have to fill it as often either. Hot tub covers definitely wear out after years of exposure to the elements, so if yours is looking kind of rough, it's a good idea to replace it.

Keep Your Supplies At Hand

Every hot tub owner knows they are supposed to test their hot tub's ph levels once a week or so, and adjust the chemicals as needed. When it's freezing outside the last thing you want to do is get ready to get into your toasty hot tub only to realize you have to trudge through the snow to the garage or house to get your supplies.

Instead, keep all of your necessary supplies next to your hot tub in a plastic storage tub, or buy a caddy made to fit over your hot tub's ledge. If you use a caddy, it can also hold snacks or even a mug of hot cocoa or glass of champagne to make your hot tub soak even more indulgent. You may want to stash extra towels as well, as long as they are kept inside a container with a lid where they won't freeze.

Use a Timer Device  

Check the manufacturer's guide for your hot tub to see if it has an anti-freezing automated timer feature like many hot tubs do. If so, you will want to turn this on during the winter in order to allow your hot tub to automatically switch on at intervals throughout the day in order to maintain a warm temperature and prevent freezing when the hot tub is not in use. This is a more energy-efficient tactic than simply leaving your hot tub on all the time.

Add a Thermal Blanket

A floating thermal blanket is an affordable way to save energy when using your hot tub in the winter. The blanket floats on top of the water and underneath the hot tub cover when you're not using the hot tub. It holds in more heat than the cover can hold in alone, and also prevents the cover from getting wet which helps the cover last longer.

Drain Hot Tub if You Go on Vacation

If you are leaving town for an extended period of time during the winter, it's smart to drain the hot tub completely and start over by filling it when you get back home. This will prevent freezing, without running the hot tub and wasting electricity when you're not around to enjoy it.

By following these tips, you will be able to enjoy relaxing in the warmth of your hot tub during even the coldest months. For more information, contact a company like Anchor Pools & Spas