Tips To Help You Maintain Your Inground Pool Liner

Posted on: 27 January 2016

Over 10 million Americans own an inground home pool for to use for enjoyment, exercise, or therapy. To make sure your home pool lasts, it is important to take care of its liner, as it is an essential part that helps your pool to work right and last throughout the hot summer months. Your pool liner can become wrinkled for several different reasons, which can make the bottom of your pool bumpy and can damage the pool liner if it is allowed to remain that way. Here are some tips to help you install a wrinkle-free liner and drain your pool for liner maintenance.

Install the Liner in Warm Weather

When you install your pool liner, you should always install it during warm, sunny weather. Spread out your pool liner inside its pool form so that it sits in the sun. The vinyl will become soft and pliable as the warmth of the sun heats it. The sun's heat also helps the liner's material expand in the warmth and lay smoothly along the base of your inground pool. You will be able to smooth out any bunching or wrinkles in the liner more easily than when your liner is stiff and hard.

Drain Your Pool With a Homemade Siphon

If you try to fill your pool when the liner still contains wrinkles, the pressure of the water will not smooth the wrinkles out. If you have already filled your pool and found this out the hard way, you won't need to rent a pump to drain your pool; use a garden hose to create a suction.

To do this, disconnect your garden hose and submerge the hose into the pool, beginning at one end of the hose. Push the hose into the pool so the entire hose fills up with water. 

Next, use the palm of your hand to cover one end of the now-filled hose. Holding your hand over the end of the hose, pull the hose to an area of your yard where the water can drain. Place the hose end on the ground and remove your hand. The water will flow out of the hose from the pool as long as the other end of the hose stays submerged in water. 

Use a Shop Vacuum

If you are installing your new pool liner and are still having a difficult time smoothing out the wrinkles, you can use a shop vacuum to help you. If your pool is oblong or rectangle, choose a spot in the middle of the pool where you will insert the hose of your shop vac. Remove the liner from that spot and slide the shop vac tube down behind the liner. Seal off the opening around the shop vac hose and the pool liner with duct tape. If you leave any cracks around the duct tape, this process won't work. 

Turn on the shop vac and suck out the air from the liner of your pool. As the air is pulled out, it will smooth the liner out. If there are still wrinkles, turn off the vacuum and push the wrinkles toward the sides of the pool, then turn on the vacuum again. Make sure you have any corners lined up appropriately inside the pool's form. Repeat this process until the liner is set flat.

Smooth Wrinkles With a Toilet Plunger

Your pool liner can accumulate wrinkles when the pool is full of water, even after it was installed without wrinkles. It is a good idea to smooth these wrinkles out as soon as possible. A vinyl pool liner that is left to sit wrinkled in the water can receive uneven wear from pool use and the chemicals in the water, causing cracks and holes to form.

Using a clean toilet plunger, suction and pull at the liner above, below, and beside the wrinkle. Do not place the plunger directly over the wrinkle because this won't smooth it. As the suction from the plunger pulls the liner, the wrinkle will smooth itself out under the pressure of the suction.

Use these tips to help you maintain and take care of your pool's liner. For more assistance, consider contacting a professional like those at Contemporary Pools Inc.